Wednesday, 4 January 2017


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Whenever I watch Geordie Shore I feel the need to tan, so opening an email from the folk at Madame La La just minutes after watching Chloe pelt Marty with chicken nuggets was, in a way, an omen.

I'm normally pretty loyal when it comes to fake tan and get through bottles upon bottles of the L'oreal Sublime Bronze in an attempt to not look so deathly pale - so when I first saw how dark the Madame La La mouse was, I thought I was going to turn out pretty darn brown.

Turns out I didn't end up David Dickenson like at all!  I applied the mouse at night (without a mitt, a fail on my part) after a mammoth vlog catch up session in the bath, and my first pleasant surprise was the smell. Gone are the days of burnt biscuits, this smelt like tanning lotion, a win for anyone as you can pretend you're somewhere far far away.
The second pleasant surprise was that it didn't smear all over my pyjamas OR bedsheets. ANOTHER WIN!

The next morning, after snoozing a billion times, I showered and was left with a rather healthy, golden sandy-esque glow that has stood the test of time. A THIRD WIN!

So if you're after a hat trick of wins and a lovely looking glow, then definitely have a peep at this tan - it even goes on well without a mitt. It lasted around three days before the colour started to fade, but it's definitely buildable and really quite natural.

The bronzing ball isn't like anything I've ever used before, it's incredibly pigmented and oh so glowy, I did attempt to use it as a contour before realising I'm useless at contouring, so found it worked better as an all over bronzer for me. Team it with the Real Techniques stippling brush and you've got yourself a double act better than the greats (Ant & Dec, Fred & George, Charlotte & Gaz....).

So overall both products are pretty ace and I'd deffs recomend them to anyone - not just Geordie Shore obsessives like myself.

What are your favourite fake tans?



  1. I'm obsessed with this stuff. Legit obsessed. This and Bondi Sands. Ideally together haha! I bloody love Madame La La and can't wait to try the bronzer! x

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