Sunday, 4 September 2016

August Favourites

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August has passed me by pretty quickly in a blur of pub quizzes, piercings, and various attempts at fitness. All of which have been unsuccessful. Being such a busy beaver I haven’t really been that adventurous in terms of makeup, so August has mainly been a month of ol’ trusties, products to make my hair less rubbish, and snacks.

Matrix Total Results So Long Damage Shampoo & Conditioner - I made a brave albeit stupid decision to have my hair highlighted twice in 3 weeks which has resulted in a lot of pesky breakage. My hairdresser uses Matrix colour so I bought these to try and stop my locks from falling out. They smell nice and leave my hair feeling lovely, however it’s still a bit snappy. Sigh.

Redken Extreme Anti Snap - One all the bloggers were raving about a couple of years ago. I’ve been slathering (what an awful word) this on my ends every time I wash my hair and it seems to be helping a bit. It just doesn’t really smell that great….although that could be because this was previously gathering dust in a dark cupboard.

Schwarzkopf Got2B Oil-Licious - I’m mainly in love with this for scent and scent alone. It smells like holidays. It reminds me of beaches. Wins all round.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess - See above!

Mac Eyeshadow In Expensive Pink - Alas I haven’t gone back to my year 5 days of pink eyeshadow and those extra cool high baby spice pigtails. This is actually more of a shimmery copper shade perhaps more reminiscent of Gerrard Way. It really makes your eye colour stand out and it stays put for ages.

Mac Whirl Lipstick - This is a sort of amped up version of velvet teddy, it’s a browny nude with a matte finish, and has that 90s vibe about it. If I was younger and down with the kids I’d wear it with a choker.

L'Oreal Miss Manga Punky Mascara -  I did a full review of Miss Manga Punky not so long ago. It has a bizarre spiked plastic brush which on first appearance can look quite frightening. Or at least as frightening as a mascara wand can be. But it’s actually pretty good and gives amazing definition and volume.

Snack A Jacks Caramel Rice Cakes - How have I never tried a rice cake before? How have I not experienced the delicious combination of caramel and peanut butter whilst still feeling smug that it’s healthy? In a bid to get fit I’ve swapped chocolate for these, although my peanut butter to rice cake ratio is questionable.

Dr Moo Milk Straws - Oh how I scoffed when my friend bought these into work, and oh how I had to eat my words (or slurp them) after trying them. Why don’t more people use these? There’s only 14 calories per straw, it settles a chocolate craving pretty well AND provides a tasty beverage full of calcium.

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  1. Lovely picks! Expensive Pink is one of my favourite MAC shadows- thanks for reminding me! I haven't reached for it in ages :)


  2. Love the sound of that eyeshadow - may have to treat myself!
    A Story of a Girl

  3. Sadly that anti snap product didn't do anything for me but I love those Snack a Jacks haha!


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