Sunday, 17 April 2016

Houndstooth & 2p Machines

camel coat outfit post camel boyfriend coat outfit newlook camel coat

As there's been a hint of sun for the past week or so (I've already made a huge wish list of Summer Sandals)  I can't really get away with saying that these are recent photos. I did wear this coat today though, so it's kind of present day...ish.

These were actually taken way back in February, I just happened to find them in my drafts and the outfit looks better than what I'm currently wearing, which, if you're dying to know, are 3 year old pink tartan pyjamas covered in fake tan splodges.

So long time no blog. I've had a few minor tweaks to my 'urday life, one of which is obsessively watching Homeland and another was attempting to become a squash champion. But living life as a top CIA agent vicariously through Carrie Matheson took priority over the latter. Plus Squash made me clammy. Other non newsworthy events - finally finding something in Starbucks I like, putting together flatpack furniture on my own, making the change to decaf tea, making the change back to regular tea, and coming second in a pub quiz.

I tend to struggle with ending posts.



  1. such pretty photos and i really like your coat! also, how good is homeland, though! xx

  2. Wow, i LOVE the Caravelle Wide Fit Nellys <3

  3. And what we can take away from this is that you are a GENIUS for coming second in a pub quiz Hope you're ok, Eloise xx

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