Thursday, 28 April 2016

Alliteration With A Paisley Playsuit

floral 70s style playsuit outfit outfit of the day floral playsuit newlook camel boyfriend coat

Playsuit: Zara
Coat: Newlook

I'm unsure why my face looks so tanned. Well I'm not. I went a bit overboard with the application.
I've been wearing this outfit loads lately, I like the whole "feels like I'm wearing a nighty" thing. Plus I can eat all the pizza and not worry about the dough bloat. Wins.

I feel like all I ever type about is food and reality tv, which sadly does make up a lot of my day to day life. BUT. This week I went to Brighton for the first time ever and it was lovely, definitely somewhere I want to return to once the weather is a bit warmer and an 99 cone won't give my hypothermia. We had breakfast at the ol' blogger favourite Bills too which was awesome albeit cliched.

We did have a spot of bother at Ibis though, a security guard pretending to be the manager tried to throw us out of our room at 1:30am, not because we were crazy and causing all sorts of a rawkus, but because an adult was sleeping on a sofa bed designed for children...Then a nice lady with nice hair sorted it all out.



  1. Looks like Brighton was fun - nothing quite like a 1.30am argument! Loving this playsuit Eloise!
    A Story of a Girl

  2. I love this, the photos are gorgeous and I love the playsuit on you. Gorgeous girl! xx

  3. Is it possible to stay in an Ibis without an argument? That's the question. Lookin' good - hope you're enjoying the bank holiday! x

  4. Any outfit where you can eat what you want & not worry is a winner! Such a pretty pattern though & I love your jacket :)

    Claire | J'adore.

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  6. You’ve absolutely channeled her look so well! The dress is ridiculously sweet on you and

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  8. Looks like Brighton was fun - nothing quite Looks like Brighton was fun - nothing quite

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