Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Mac Mineralize Eyeshadow: Sweet & Sour

mac sweet & sour eyeshadowmac mineralize eyeshadowmac sweet & sour swatch

Mac Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo in Sweet & Sour

I took these photos yonks ago when I actually bought this, but I've been using Mac's mineralize eyeshadow in Sweet & Sour a lot more lately so I thought I'd give my 2 pennies that even a phrase? Or is it "two pence worth?"

Either way I like this. I like this a lot. Having blue/grey eyes I probably shouldn't be a fan of green eyeshadow but when these two are mixed together you'll end up with a gorgeous emeraldy goldy mixture that'll leave you looking bright eyed and shimmery. As you can see from the "swatch" above, it's quite a sheer colour not too different from the mineralise skin finishes, so for people that normally shy away from colour, this is deffs something to look at.
I stupidly didn't take a photo of the colours separately, but they're just as pretty on their own and look so much better in real life than in photos - I'm guessing this is due to the light catching all the little shimmery particles.

Wear-wise it's a topper upper unless you've got a mean primer, without it you'll probably be lucky to get 3 hours and will end up with (Gary) glitter cheeks. With the Urban Decay primer potion I've managed to get around 5 hours staying power and the fallout isn't as bad.

The mac mineralize eyeshadows are also pretty versatile as you can apply them wet for a dramatic "look at my eyeshadow!" look. To do this you just dunk your brush in water and pretend you're back in GCSE art...viola, a bold and buildable colour.

And speaking of application I've found this is best applied with a dense(r) brush in order to pack the colour onto your lid. Rather than swipe the shimmer around it's best to pat it on with a less fluffy brush. I've been using the crown BK14 and it's been working well for me.

Have you tried any mineralize eyeshadows by Mac? Which are your favourites?



  1. I think the phrase is 'two cents worth' (it's an American phrase). Anyway, I love the colour. I've never tried the mineralised shadows, but I love the mineralised skin finishes.
    Rubi | The Den |

  2. Wow! This shadow looks beautiful. I've never tried any of their mineralised shadows but I love this combination of colours and love a good old shimmery eyeshadow for the inner half of my lid! Beautiful!

    Laura Cinnamon xxx

  3. Gorgeous! I've never tried these eyeshadows's before!

    Latest Post: Skincare Haul FT Origins, Clarins & Boots
    The Jewel Beauty || A friendly beauty & lifestyle blog ❤

  4. What a gorgeous shade! Going to keep an eye out for this!

    Maria xxx


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