Thursday, 12 February 2015

Valentine's Day Made Easy


It's awkward if your other half asks you what you want for Valentine's day isn't it? I find this is because of two reasons.
1- I like to pretend I'm above the whole thing and ooze an air of nonchalance about the day, "We don't need a single day to show each other we enjoy each other's company do we?"
 2 - Whilst playing it super cool as above, Im secretly thinking, "I want you to get me something super thoughtful but I don't want to tell you what I'd like".

If you're like me then fear not! Pandora have removed the awkwardness out of Valentine's day with their new Wishing Tree. You pretty much attach what you want to the tree in the form of a love note obviously the soppier the better gift!) and Pandora will subtly drop hints to your partner for you. By subtly dropping hints I mean they'll email them exactly what you want. Wins. They'll even go as far as suggesting some jewellery you might like based on your choices.

I've had a look at their gifting collection and have chosen some of my favourites.

pandora valentines

Are you hoping for anything from Pandora this year?


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