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Benefit Hoola Bronzer Review

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Benefit Hoola Bronzer - £23.50

I'd been after a matte bronzer for ages, after years of shying away from the whole contouring concept I thought it was about time I embraced it, this may be partly down to the fact I've put on weight and my cheekbones are currently in hiding.
Enter Hoola by Benefit, it's one of the most notorious matte bronzers and has been the most popular selling bronzer in the UK for a few years now. This is down to the fact that it's so versatile, it suits so many different skin tones and can be used to contour, as an all over glower, or even as an eyeshadow.

The product itself is muted, matte bronze with not even a speck of shimmer. It has a really great colour payoff when applied to the skin and can be easily built up for a harsher evening contour look without looking muddy or worse, khaki coloured. It has a lovely silky finish and looks gorgeous on top of both heavy and light foundation. In the photo's above I've gone for an "almost not there" application to give you an idea of just how subtle it can be.
Hoola comes with a standard Benefit box brush which I normally discard straight away, but the straight edges made it quite easy to apply for a contouring newbie, saying that I'll probably invest in a decent contouring brush soon - any recommendations?

As with a lot of Benefit packaging, it's pretty bulky and not the best for travelling, but the typical kitsch design makes it a gorgeous addition to my dressing table. It might be best for hardcore bronzing fans to use one of their deluxe samples for travelling so the cardboard packing doesn't become damaged.

Price wise it's definitely more high end, my other bronzers have all been under to £10 mark so it was a splurge for me, but one I'm happy with! You get quite a lot of product for your dollar and I reckon this is one I'll still be using next year.

Have you tried Hoola? What are your favourite bronzers?



  1. I love Hoola, and it looks great on you! When I first tried it I was terrified it'd be too dark as I'm paler than pale but it's perfect for contouring and you need such a small amount that I'm pretty sure my box will last me years!xxx

  2. Hoola is a daily staple for me....lately I've been using more as a contour through my socket to bring a little more warmth to my eyeshadow. It's great for that!

    Lorna // Scared Toast x

  3. Gosh I wish I could apply this as effectively as you have! I find it comes out so pigmented and I really struggle to get it right. x

    Laura at Lola and Behold

  4. One of my favourite bronzers! Mine is very damaged now though whoops xx

    Laura | lauraslittleloves

  5. Bronzer scares me a bit but this looks really nice, very natural!

  6. What a pretty effect! I've heard great things about using Hoola as a contour, as it's so subtle and matte. Looks great on you! :)


  7. I've been wanting to try this bronzer for the longest time, it sounds so good!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

  8. I love using Hoola, not just as a bronzer but as a crease colour for an eye look too.

  9. I want to try this bronzer soo badly!! It gives such an amazing look on your face! I love how natural it looks while still doing the job!
    Great blog just followed you :)
    Sofia x

  10. I love the subtle colour that Hoola gives, and not the sparkly orange glow as with other bronzers! I use it as a blush, as well as all over, and love the brown tone :)

  11. I just love this and really want to try this so much. Lovely review!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  12. I've been dying to get my hands on this bronzer! Can't wait to have it in my collection :)

  13. Found your blog recently and I’d like to say that I’m in love with it!
    Interesting posts and beautiful photos!
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

  14. haha I could see your cheekbones before, do not fear they are not hiding! You look great :) and hey who needs an expensive holiday in the sun with this bronzer in their make up bag, right?!

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