Monday, 15 September 2014

How I got my Michael Kors Selma bag for £65 off

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I've been eyeing up the Selma bags for a long time but I'd always thought £315 is a bit ridic for a bag, even if it is a long laster. I'd debated checking out Bicester village as there's an outlet store there, but I'd heard a few tales of "made for outlet" bags, and after a bit of research I saw that there were a few little giveaway signs that you'd purchased it from an outlet - e.g. the lining is different, the zips are different, and the stitching can sometimes be wonky. If I'm going to shell out on a bag, I do not want wonky stitching and tacky lining.

This colour was actually being sold for £260 and I used a discount code to get it down to £250.
The grey has sold out now but you can still get the Selma in red, brown, or beige for £255. Just click here to visit Zalando , pick the bag that costs £300 and use the discount code ZAVCBXSEP at the checkout to get 15% off. Et viola! Selma for £60 off the usual price.

Early christmas presents all round?


  1. LOVE this bag, I have a medium one and haven't stopped carrying it since last year! x

  2. Love the colour of this elosie!

  3. Such a beautiful bag! I love the little detail in that last picture!

  4. That bag is amazing!! You got it for such an amazing price too!

    Salt and Chic // UK Fashion Blog

  5. This looks great. Early Christmas or birthday presents are the bomb :)

  6. That code doesn't work, just tried to get one myself :(

  7. Great tip. I'm going Florida in a month so I'm going to get one then. If that fails I'll be using your tip.

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