Sunday, 10 August 2014

Makeup Revolution Iconic 2 Palette

iconic 3 paletteiconic paletteiconic palette swatched

It was this post by Shannon that got me interested in the highly blogged about Makeup Revolution Iconic palettes. Initially I'd thought "dupe" had meant "vaguely similar to", but after seeing the pretty much identical swatches I knew I needed it.

I have the Naked 1 palette with it's velvety case collecting every dust particle known to man, and I'd been wanting to try numbers 2 and 3, but the hefty £37.00 price tag put me off. Whilst there's no doubt I'd feel smug if I owned all three, spending £111 on three eyeshadow palettes would make me feel disgusted with myself.

So in came Makeup Revolution with their £4.00 a pop palettes that I've now recommended to everyone I know,  I bought both iconic 2 and 3 and I'm majorly impressed. These babies are incredible. In (on) my eyes the staying power is just as long as the UD shadows and I reckon the formula is just as good. From my poor attempt at swatches above you can see there's a little bit of crumbly fallout, but I did just shove my fingers in the palette and give it a good rub around, if you apply these with a brush you're left with a soft, almost buttery shadow that blends perfectly.

Shade wise, as a dupe it's nearly identical to the Naked 2 so has more shimmers than mattes but this makes me happy as I'm a shimmery Shelly. If you're a matte gal then Makeup Revolution also do a similar Essential Mattes palette which will probe be the stuff of dreams.

Have you tried any of the iconic palettes yet? What do you think to them?


  1. that 5th shade is such a dupe for UD naked 2 - Tease - my ultimate shade!! Are these only available online? x

  2. Love every single shade in this!

  3. These revolution palettes look amazing and I still need to get my hands on these sometime although I never find these in my stores. This is definitley a great dupe for the Naked palettes and the price is so good too :)

    Thank you for posting, I hope you have a lovely day! <3


    X x X x X

  4. What a gorgeous palette! I'd totally buy that, I like the look of all the shades :D

  5. Where can you get these!? I've always really liked the MUA Undress Me palettes for UD dupes but these look even better!


  6. Wow, these really are impressive! I have and love the Naked Palette, but always on the lookout for affordable dupes. Glad you're loving it! xo


  7. This looks absolutely heavenly and I can't believe how cheap they are! I've just had a look at their other products, oh god it's like they've gone into my dreams!!

    I trust your opinion so I know this is good stuff! xxx


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