Saturday, 5 July 2014

New Hur

shoulder length wavesmid length curls

I've been debating the chop for a while but the part of me that doesn't like change was persistent in reminding me that it had taken four years to grow it. I don't really know why my hair grows so slowly, I used every treatment mask Boots has to offer, and when that didn't satisfy my need for long locks I went further up market with the likes of redken and label m only to be left with silky smooth hair that still refused to grow.

It wasn't until I was being narcissistic one day and looking through my own blog (yeah I do that sometimes) that I realised shoulder length hair wasn't the enemy and that super long wavy tresses will always be a pipe dream. Plus my mum says I look like Billy Connolly with long hair, thanks mum.  

So onto Pinterest I went to look at styles, after lusting after Meg, Lizzie, Kimberley Walsh, and Lizzie Olsen's hair I started to notice a pattern so thought I'd go for it. I got the chop at Octopus in Northampton which is where I've been going for a couple of years now, there's such a nice atmosphere there and today I got a shot glass of skittles with my brew which went down well! I'd definitely recommend it to anyone in the area, the prices are really reasonable too.

So whaddaya think to my chop? Any other retired male celebrities I resemble?


  1. Love it! I recently chopped my hair off but am feeling like it's a bit flat and boring again so need to pay the hairdressers a visit again I think!

  2. Totally loving it! I'm in for the chop on Thursday, very long over due!

  3. This looks great on you, welcome to the wavy bob gang! Although sadly, I think I've just left it...

    - Lorna x

  4. I love your hair! I'm getting about 8 inches off my hair at the end of this month and I can't wait! x

  5. So pretty! I chopped my hair recently and it has done my hair wonders!

  6. It looks lovely!

  7. Love it! I try to get my hair to looks effortlessly wavy like that but fail everytime!

    Love & Liquor | A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle blog

  8. The new hair looks gorgeous!

  9. This suits you so much! I really like the idea of that hair length but mine's only just starting to get long haha! xxx

  10. Ah, how pretty! Love the shorter length and the curls look fab :)


  11. Love it! I'm always tempted to get mine chopped off but never end up going through with it! x

  12. Hello lovely, thank you for the sweet comment on my blog, I really appreciate it! :) I'm now following you! Gorgeous hair by the way, I love it!

    I have a new outfit post up on my blog, I would love to know your thoughts:


  13. Love your layout!
    Great post,dear!Really like pictures:)
    Keep in touch xoxo
    Antonella <3

  14. Really nice! Ive decided to short again - alas my hairdresser (cousin!) is on hols so have got to wait. When I have short I want long and vice versa. I can never win!

  15. Your hair looks fab! The shorter length really suits you :) X

  16. Gorgeous blog and I LOVE your hair

    Lindsey x

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