Monday, 30 June 2014

Style Steal: Ashley Olsen Inspired

ashley olsen style steal

Satin Shift Dress // Playsuit // Rings // Bangle // Cuff // Drop Earrings // Off Shoulder Dress 

I used to do these type of posts waaay back in 2009 and I'm not sure why I stopped as I love having a right ol' root around online, it's the best form of procrastination when you've got a load of washing/housework to do! For the longest time as a tween I was obsessed with the Olsen twins, I remember going to the hairdressers and showing them print offs from "Two of a Kind" and asking for the exact same haircut but sadly it never ended up the same. And the movies! Who else remembers all those cheesy made for tv films that always used to be on Nickelodeon? Passport to Paris and Holiday in the Sun were my faves, I had pretty much all of them on vhs too : /


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