Tuesday, 24 June 2014


So I don't leave my blog update-less whilst I'm away I thought I'd pilfer my parent's wifi to pop online. The above picture sums up pretty much all I've done with my time for the last 5 days with the odd meal and beach visit thrown in. I've seriously eaten all the food which is also shown above!

I've also chomped my way through Sophie Kinsella's new book which I definitely recommend if you're looking for something light hearted yet still witty, and I've lost my fair share of table football and pool games. It's a sad day when you lose your self-proclaimed "table football champ" title to a smug winner but I still stand by the excuse that my keeper was missing a head...

And like a million others I've sat through a tonne of world cup football games which sadly clashes with my Big Brother time, I'm going to have to have a massive catch up when I get back. I feign an interest but really I've got my head buried in candy crush trying and failing to pass level 275, it's impossible I tell you! Ladbrokes have also come up with their own way to pass the time with their world cup bingo card, it's a bit of a generalisation (they refer to men hogging the tv whilst us woman tut at missing the soaps) but it's all in good fun and to be honest, I do hate missing the soaps.

So on that note (and the fact it's started to rain here, sigh!) I'm off to make everyone brownies for tonight. Hasta luego.



  1. i'm always up for a Kinsella book!


  2. i am planning my summer holidays for August and I am pretty sure i will do the same-no Instagram, no blogging, no Facebook for 10 days! Absolutely looking forward it :)

  3. Hope you're havign a fab time - I'm super jealous as I really want a holiday.

  4. Damn you Eloise why do you have to post a photo like THIS when it's all drizzly and grey here in Blighty?! Hope you're having fun... a little bit.... <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  5. Loveeee this picture! Hope you had an awesome holiday X


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