Saturday, 24 May 2014

Payday Wishlist

Blue Floral  //  YellowTribal  //  Long Sleeved  //  Leaf Print  //  Hibiscus Orange //  Heart Print

I wear playsuits loads on holiday, for some reason I feel more comfortable showing more leg when I'm abroad than in England where, god forbid, someone I know might see my pasty legs! But this summer (if it ever appears) I'm on the lookout for some playsuits I can carry through to autumn with a mere pair of tights.
I love all of these but the blue floral one from inlovewithfashion is probably my favourite, I haven't bought anything from there for a while but everything I do own has lasted forever and seems to be a good fit for my figure. They've got 25% off this weekend too with the code FLASHMAY and I'm pretty gutted my payday isn't until next week!
A short and sweet one for me today as I'm off to make quorn enchiladas for me and Tom tonight, I just thought it was about time I actually put something fashiony on the blog, what with it being my title and all.


  1. The leaf print one is fabulous! So great for summer.

  2. Oh I love the coral one! I'm quite tall so I find I don't fit playsuits very well :/
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  3. Super cute! Loving the fun prints and colourful patterns :)


  4. Love the hibiscus orange one, gorgeous!

  5. love the last one!

    from helen at

    ps. take a peek at my £250+ beauty giveaway, if you fancy! click here.

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