Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Mac Mineralize Eye Shadow: Smutty Green

mac smutty greenmac smutty green eyeshadowmac mineralizesmutty green swatch

Firstly sorry for the rubbish photos, I had to take a few snaps of things on holiday with the overly bright lighting just because I couldn't wait 'till I got home to use them!
So where to start with Smutty Green other than it's probably one of the most stunning eyeshadows I own? Just looking at the emerald-ey shimmeryness in the picture above makes me want to go and put it on right now. Smutty Green is one of Mac's mineralise eyeshadows which was re released back in 2012 and seems to have stuck around.
It's a beautiful black based green with pale green and tiny flecks of silver shimmer with a really rich colour payoff. It's definitely more of an evening colour, and because it catches the light so well it'd look great on a night out and would pop in any flash photography!
I've only tried applying this dry so far, and even without any primer I was impressed with the staying power. To get a more intense look I used a dense brush and patted this onto my eyelids rather than sweeping the colour on which also made the application process less messy. You can get quite a bit of fall out with this so for nights out you'd have to do your eyes first. I've just had a look at swatches of it wet though and it looks incredible so I'll be trying that next.
Obvsies with mineralised products you need to take a bit of extra care with the packaging to stop them crumbling into oblivion, but I lugged mine back on a plane and it didn't shatter so Mac's standard packaging isn't too shabby.
Price wise you'll have to shell out a bit more for the mineralise eye shadows, they're £17.00 each which makes me wince a little, but you get 2.2g of product compared to the 1.5g in the regular shadows. 
So what do you think of Smutty Green? I know some people say green eyeshadows should be for brunette beauties only but I do like my greens and I'm not too bothered if it clashes with my eye colour!



  1. Oh wow, this is so pretty! And I'm sure it goes with any eye colour!


  2. First off, love the shade name! And what gorgeous shimmer this has. Thanks for the swatches! xo



  3. Wow that colour is gorgeous I love how pigmented it is xxx


  4. Love the name of this one haha I actually laughed out loud. Gorgeous for a smokey eye



  5. wow. that looks super lovely. perfect for a smokey eye on night outs.


  6. Gorgeous colour! I do wonder whether green is ok with green eyes as I'm a green eyed girl too but when it's such a pretty shade I don't see why not xx


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