Friday, 11 April 2014

My Trusty Throwback Dress

When Newlook contacted me asking if I wanted to pick one of their New Look dresses range to replace my "throwback" dress I jumped on board straight away. Basically a throwback dress is something you've had in your wardrobe for donkeys years but continue to wear out of love/comfort. Mine's this nude lacy number which always seems to be thrown on for spontaneous nights out during those "I have nothing to wear" moments. It's a trusty piece of clothing that has seen me through a good few years but I'm still reluctant to actually dispose of it!

nude lace dresslace skater dress

There were so many other occasions but the photos above were the least gross looking! Anyway I had my choice of frocks and I decided to go with a classic black number, because you can't go wrong with black right? Obvs I stuck with the lace though!

 photo newlooklace1_zpsbc0882de.jpg photo newlooklace2_zps1bae8311.jpg photo newlooklace3_zps65bfe3a0.jpg photo newlooklace4_zps1d37298e.jpg
Dress: c/o Newlook
Sandals: Newlook
When this post goes live I'll actually be in Cancun and probably wearing this dress! This year we're going to sample the nightlife a bit more and the statement necklace that's sort of attached really helps turn a simple skater dress into a more of an "out out" outfit. I just can't wait to pair it with a bit of a tan, I'm so ghostly white in these photos! It's also really structured which is something I'm always drawn to in dresses, the more it flairs out the better in my opinion.
Right I best be off, my alarm's set for 4am : / Hope everyone's having a good week!


  1. That looks so gorgeous on you! I hope you have a great time in Cancun xxx

  2. It's so pretty, you look lovely!
    Have a lovely time in Cancun!

  3. looking smoking hot as always ;) hope you have an amazing time on your hols xx

  4. The dress is lovely.
    I hope you have a great time in Cancun!
    Rubi x
    The Den

  5. Aw that dress is lovely, good choice! Have a good holiday :)

    Julia x

  6. This dress looks stunning on you! So jealous you're going to Cancun, hope you have an amazing time! x

    Sarah @ xx

  7. Looking gorgeous here, hope you have an amazing time in holiday, I'm not at all jealous!

    Maria xxx

  8. Have fun in Cancun!! This dress fits you perfectly, love it with those shoes.

    Tara x


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