Thursday, 6 March 2014

Wishlist: Boots for the Rain

5. Doc Martins // 6. Kurt Geiger Star // 7. New Look Contrast 

Whilst the pretty pastels and other summery shades are starting to trickle into the high street stores, the weather hasn't seemed to notice and it's as rainy and windy as ever in the uk. I figured there's a good few months of trudging through puddles left so had a bit of an online shop and here's my favourites of all the chunky boots I came across.
Cut out boots seem to be everywhere at the moment and Topshop are definitely the winners on this front, although being a pauper at the moment I actually found some similar from ebay for a third of the price which I'm more than happy with!
Budget wise the Matalan and New Look boots are fab, the Matalan pair are only £24 whilst Newlook's black and white numbers are a tad more at £29.99 - would it be wrong to get both?!
Obviously the Doc Martins are a classic and the type of boots that will really stand the test of time, when I was younger i had a pair with rainbow stitching and I was obsessed with them, I reckon nowadays these classic boots would look great with a body con skirt and jumper combo, a massive nod to the 90s.
And finally the most expensive pair on my wish list, those crafted by Mr Geiger himself (or at least a factory with his name one), these chelsea boots are a bit of a splurge at £150 but the style is here to stay and the chunky soles make them look so comfy.
So now all I have to do is whittle these down, but which to chose?
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  1. OOh I'm heading to Matalan tomorrow, I could be tempted!

  2. Urgh, all these boots are just gorgeous - I want them all!

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  3. Love all of these picks! Can't go wrong with classic Doc Martens. Love pairing tough-looking boots with floral dresses in the springtime :)


  4. My Docs are lifesavers when it starts to snow! I swear by them, they are fantastic!

  5. I have some gorgeous lace up biker boots with a chunky heel like these from New Look! They were a bargain at £29.99, but they also did a real leather version if you wanted to splash out! Love your blog btw, the layout is so pretty! I found you through YouTube :) xx


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