Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Why I Love Online Shopping

So there are a number of reasons I love the online world, if there was no internet I wouldn't have a blog, I wouldn't get to see what ex Big Brother housemates are shouting about on twitter, and I wouldn't be able to waste hours and hours on youtube.
I'd also have to shop in my hometown, so thanks to the internet I'm spared from numerous shops that stock bedazzled white jeans and replica spiked Litas! The online shopping experience just makes everything so easy, why get showered and dressed to battle the crowds when you can make yourself a brew, get comfy in a onesie,  and shop from your sofa? And with a lot of stores offering free delivery and returns (hail Asos!) it's a great excuse to buy more than you need, because obviously the intention was there to send some of it back!

The amazing bargains you can find on ebay wouldn't exist either, and I don't know what I'd do without my 99p phone cases... I've spent many an hour trawling through buy it now cheapies on ebay and I've got a watch list as long as my arm.

topshop ebay

See how ebay comes up trumps? I love it for shopping on a budget mainly because you can whittle out all the rubbish you don't need to see and shop only for your size and preferences. We've all had that moment when you see something amazing in a shop and do a little jump for joy at the price before seeing it's available in every other size but yours. This always leaves me in such a sulk and sort of takes the fun out of the day.

But I shall sulk no more because the internet is here to stay and thanks to high speed broadband the ways we experience online shopping are constantly expanding and developing. So here's to you broadband, may we continue to spend Sunday mornings curled up looking at clothes together.

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  1. That dress is gorgeous! defiantly a bargain :D xx

  2. I love online shopping too. I also find that I'm a lot more cautious with my money when I'm shopping at a store. I tend to make a lot of impulse buys but really think about what I'm buying online more carefully and I tend to end up with better quality products!

  3. Online shopping is great, I wish I did it more often and I definitely need to check out the Ebay bargains, thanks for the inspiration!

    Kate xx


  4. This is such a very good post you have shared .really very nice post.

  5. These are lovely, I love ebay its so great for finding unique items :)
    Becky x
    Vintage Clothing UK


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