Saturday, 8 March 2014

Stary Eyed Surprise

sequin skirt sequin bodycon fluffy jumper chunky cut out boots

Jumper: Newlook (similar here)
Skirt: Forever 21 (similar here)
Boots: Ebay

Oh man this week has dragged, it seems ever since I booked a holiday (did I mention I  booked a holiday?) the days are going slower and slower. I haven't really been doing a lot to speed the time up either, my days have pretty much been get stuck in traffic on the way to work, work, get stuck in traffic on the way home, and then gym.
Speaking of the Gym I've been looking at those Polar watches that everyone on instagram seems to have, anyone have any experiences good or bad with them? I'm just wary as I think they work by measuring your heart rate and according to all the little gym machines I don't have one! Kanye West's Heartless was written for me.

The highlight of my week, or maybe even year, has definitely been pancake day. Every year as we get closer to the little eggy treat day I get way more excited than I should and end up eating way more than I should. The topping of choice will always be orange and sugar for me - what's your pancake tipple?


  1. I totally feel the same!! Like this week has literally taken forever to get to the weekend. That skirt is gorgeous by the way, and i love the different textures in your outfit xx ♡

  2. I love that skirt and the textures in this outfit, looking good lady! x

  3. Nutella is beautiful on pancakes! Love the skirt!

  4. I have a polar and can't recommend it enough! I find it very motivating and honestly feel lost in the gym without it now.
    Orange and sugar on a pancake sounds different - but nice! I always have lemon and sugar (it's traditional!) but I did have one banana and peanut butter one this year which was amazing :)

  5. The skirt and sweater look so good together, I would never think of wearing sequins in a casual way!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  6. Ooh, what a super cool look! Loving the mix of knit and sequins. Exciting about your upcoming holiday! ox


  7. This is such a good look, I love that skirt!

    Maria xxx

  8. Such a wonderful outfit! <3
    You're very cute!

    Andera |


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