Saturday, 1 February 2014

Mac Frost Lipstick: Angel

mac angel mac angel lipstick mac angel frost mac angel swatch mac angel

I bought Mac's Angel a while ago and it's the only "frost" finish I own which is surprising considering how anti matte I am. It was actually the colour that drew me to it at first, as always I was drawn to the pale pinks and after picking my favourite and then realising I already own it (Creme Cup is a magnet to me!) I went with Angel.
Angel has been compared with Creme Cup a number of times and I suppose the colours are really similar but I find the finishes give a completely different look. Whilst creme cup is buttery soft on the lips and perfect for day wear, Angel has a pearlescent edge to it which I find makes it better for a night on the razzle. It's also a little bit Alan Shearer but builds easily as you can tell from the ol' swatch above.
Staying power wise it lasts a good while which for me sets it apart from it's drugstore counterparts, I often find it difficult to find a lipstick suitable for dry lips that has the ability to last longer than ten minutes but it seems the frost finishes stick around for a lot long - it beats my lustres hands down.
And this probably wouldn't be a beauty review if I didn't mention Angel is known to be one of Kim Kardashian's favourites, it looks lovely on her and obvs her skin tone is completely different to mine but a quick google image search shows Angel suits pretty much any skin type.



  1. This was the first Mac lipstick I bought and it's still one of my favourtites as it's so easy to wear :)

    A Scholar Life

  2. This is such a great, wearable shade! x

  3. What a perfect, shimmery pink! Glad you're loving it! xo


  4. I've been looking for a natural shade with a bit of shimmer and this is just perfect! Thank you for reviewing!

    - Natalie [A Fashion and Lifestyle Blog]

  5. this looks so lovely on you! I forgot how much I wanted this shade, it's so pretty :)

    ruffles and lace xx

  6. Everytime I go to Mac I do the same....pick up Creme Cup and realise I already own it (actually I own 2!) This has been on my 'Mac Lipsticks I Need To Own' list forever, the only thing putting me off is the frost finish. But hey if it's good enough for Kimmy K it's good enough for me!


  7. I've always been a bit wary of frost finishes, but this one looks stunning! Another one on the MAC list for me... xx

    D Is For...

  8. I adore this lipstick it's my favourite everyday colour. Think I have repurchased 3 times now :)

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