Friday, 28 February 2014

Calling All Cars

topshop smock dress topshop dress topshop red lipstick

Dress: Topshop
Boots: Ebay
Necklace: Forever 21
Lipstick: Mac Brave Red

It's Friday Friday gotta get down on Friiiiday.
Thank god it's Friday night and I just just just just got paid.
Anyone who knows that second one, well, kudos to you. 

I never buy anything from Topshop anymore, partly because I go in and feel sad I'm not 18 anymore and partly because it's so darn expensive nowadays. Saying that though anything I have bought from there has always lasted a while and triumphed against my tumble dryer of doom so maybe I should venture in more often.
Oh and yes this is the dress from the post below, no fear of outfit repetition over here! The boots I'm equally as in love with and I'm so impressed with how comfy they are considering they were cheapy ebays. 
Did I mention it was Friday? I'm quite excited as tomorrow I'm hopefully going blonder and won't be a Mousy Martha anymore - You said she was mousy! Again, points to you if you know where that's from. I'm having a full head of highlights as I don't want to go wild with  the bleach and have all my hair fall out again, that wasn't a nice time. I'm also planning on taking advantage of the three for two on models own nail polishes so come Saturday night I'll be mourning Take Me Out whilst feeling like a new woman!

What're you're plans for the weekend? 


  1. I never shop in Topshop anymore either, I end up feeling so old.

    I'm loving your hair lady xx

  2. Haha, that song always gets in my head on Fridays! Super cute dress and I'm loving your hair :)


  3. This dress is so lovely! That bleach story scares me though ahah :| xx

  4. The only time I shop in Topshop is during the sale. It's just too darn expensive, I agree! Although you can't really deny the quality of their clothes. And this is a lovely smock :)
    Hope your hair goes well! And you can't beat 3 for 2...I took advantage of it yesterday! I love Models Own - have you seen the new speckled ones they have coming out soon?! I'm all over that like a rash!
    I have a weekend of wedding dress shopping ahead of me - quite sadly, not for me xx

  5. Love this dress! I agree about Topshop, I used to buy loads from there when I was at school and now find everything so pricey which is not how things should be its rather depressing! x

  6. I love love that dress! I love TopShop buys I've just recently been able to start shopping there now that they have a few more open in California where I live. I love your whole look, very cute :)

  7. Love the outfit and boots!

  8. That dress is perfect, I can't believe I've only just stumbled across your blog its lovely! ♡ xx

  9. Loooove the frock Eloise! Though we need to sort your Saturdays out... night out soon? ;) <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  10. Love this outfit, that dress is gorgeous on you!

    Maria xxx

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