Sunday, 5 January 2014

2014 New Year Resolutions

I don’t think I’ve ever made actual new years resolutions so this is going to be a first for me, and by doing it online there’s now a record of them so it won’t just be me who knows if I don’t stick to it! So I’ve got two main ones followed by a few slightly more shallow ones, read on if you will.

1) Be More Positive - 2013 has been a bit of a rubbish year mainly due to one thing and I’ve found myself getting sucked into a hurricane of negativity and not really having the energy to focus on anything else. I’ve found my blog has gone downhill and all the bitterness has spilled over onto my twitter account as well as effecting my job. Whilst it’s easy to spend an evening wallowing in bed I’m planning on channeling that man who sang about looking on the bright side and making 2014 an all round more positive year. Whether that comes from socialising more, starting a new hobby, or getting my booty back into blogging, there will be a lot more positivity in the next twelve months!

 2) Become a Healthy Heather - In the last few months I started to notice my clothes were getting a bit more snug, and a quick jump on the scales the other morning confirmed my suspicions, I’d gotten heavier. Probably a lot heavier than I’d thought. Believe it or not I’m actually a member of a gym so I’m going to start taking inspiration from Charlene and whip my body into shape. Within this comes eating better too, I’m planning on giving up the takeaways (pizza hut and big mac meals i’m looking at you!) and embracing making more of my own meals. Hello white meat and veg!

The Mini Resolutions 

 1) Exfoliate and moisturise regularly - something I always forget to do and my skin is starting to look like an elephant

 2) Purchase some anti ageing face stuff and use it - At 26 I’m not getting any younger and I’ve heard the earlier you start slavering your skin in anti ageing products the better. Crows feet be gone!

3) Make more of an effort on lazy days - On more days than I should this year I’ve spend the day in a onesie with greasy hair, it may sound shallow but getting showered and putting on a nice outfit always helps me feel ready to take on the day and will probe help with the whole positivity thing too.

4) Keep up to date with laundry - Sounds ridic but I tend to wear everything I own before doing a load of washing. This needs to stop.

5) Get my hair all shiny and long - I want a glorious mane of hair and in order to do this I need to make time to actually put treatments etc on it. It would also be a good idea to stop killing it with ghds on a daily basis…

So that’s everything. If you’ve done one of these posts and have similar resolutions then let me know, or better yet tweet me and we can maybs help each other with them through the year.


  1. Wonderful resolutions for 2014! I love your first one, that is definitely one of my 2014 resolutions. <3

  2. Great resolutions my dear!! I definitely am focusing on being more positive this year too, it's so easy to be negative. And that's awesome that you're looking to get healthy! Such an awesome goal, I like that you're not focused on numbers but more so how your clothes fit and how you feel :)

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  4. I never make resoultions...I just want to stay healthy! Good luck with yours x

  5. Love your blog! These are great New Years resolutions too, good luck :)

  6. Oh Eloise I love that photo, it reminds me of this night out

    Definitely attainable resolutions! Some of mine are make-up related too, I'm rubbish at cleaning brushes!

    <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  7. Great resolutions! Staying positive can go a long way. Happy New Year! xo


  8. Good choices, just don't get overwhelmed if you end up not doing them all, I always find that happens with me so I only picked 2 this year!
    Happy New Year!

  9. I definitely need to be more positive this year!

    Maria xxx

  10. I didn't make resolutions, It's not really me, but I did just post about my year 2013, and finding my own voice, and part of that for me, was not being so down on everything- including myself.

    Happy New Year, hope that all is going well on your resolutions thus far.

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