Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Autumn Wish List

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Since the darker nights have begun creeping in my mind is already on a path heading straight to coats, cosy knits, and boots. This path also stops at tonnes of different online shops and my favourites folder is now bursting with clobber to keep me comfortable in the upcoming chilly months.
I'm off to New York in November (in case I haven't mentioned it enough!) and I want everything here to keep me warm whilst fighting off the crazed shoppers in the black friday sales and eating as much cheesecake as humanly possible. If I won the lottery and could afford everything on here, it'd also be quite nice to roam the streets donning some British designers and show Vivienne, Barbour and Lulu Guinness the sites. Plus I can pretend I'm a true countrywoman in the jacket and these Hudson boots. The fact that I don't play the lottery might hinder my chances of winning though, so if I could only have one of these things I'd probs whittle it down to the Vivienne Westwood bag, it looks like a purse on the website but it's actually a cute little shoulder bag! Gimme. 

Speaking of black Friday and shopping, my latest obsession is googling everything I want to buy over there and working out how much cheaper it'll be in pounds...tragic.

Collaborative Post


  1. Love everything on your wishlist, especially the MK watch of course x

  2. Oh the purse is gorgeous and I really need a new one!

    Water Painted Dreams

  3. Love the little lips purse, its adorable!

  4. Like the boots and the bag! There is so much I want to get my hands on this autumn!

  5. Killer list! Loving the print on the skirt and that black bag is great :)


  6. that lip bag and the watch! Neeeed them. So cute <3

  7. Yes, that is tragic;) But have a great trip to New York and I like your wish list. Especially the shirt and the boots.

  8. Love the watch!

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