Sunday, 18 August 2013

What I've been up to today

what's in my bag
berry smoothie hair bow

So I don't think I've actually just sat and wrote about, well, nothing on here for a long time. I know plenty of bloggers spend their weekends at pretty hotels and along lovely beaches but as Thomas works a lot of weekends I'm often left on my own like a hermit. So clearly I get up to a bunch of exciting things... when the cat's away and all.
I lie, today I ventured into town for my second ever eye test just because I had a free voucher from work which gave me some dollar towards glasses if I needed them,  I guess they feel guilty for chaining me to a pc for 8 hours a day. Anyway my peepers are fine but my eyes felt pretty violated after the experience and I was left feeling slightly offended after the chap doing the test decided to tell me I had one pupil bigger than the other. When I said I'd never noticed it he literally shoved a mirror an inch from my face and was like "LOOK, LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE." odd.
I also tried on a bodycon dress in h&m and was shocked to realise it didn't look too horrific! However since coming home I've googled it and found this picture of Cara Delevigne wearing it and know my pins can never compete. Sigh.

And the rest of my day was spent making a delicious smoothie, filming a what's in my bag video for my youtube channel , and turning my hair into a bow. I also ate a chicken and sweetcorn sandwich for dinner and caught up on Geordie Shore.

So that's my Sunday, now I can see why I'll never be a lifestyle blogger!



  1. Haha lovely post. I also spent my sunday making smoothies however I think if your not aloud to just relax on a sunday when can you.

    Jazzie x

  2. Love your hair bow! I've been trying to do one for ages but it never quite looks right! Lovely post!


  3. Sounds like a fairly productive Sunday. And it's more than I managed :)


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  5. That sounds like a pretty decent day in the grand scheme of things. I know what you mean I sit at home watching instagram go crazy of lovely days out and countryside trips or weekends away and I'm sat watching YouTube videos in my pjamas drinking tea eating malteesers at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon! Cute post :)


  6. CARA IS ALL AIRBRUSHING MATE. Don't sweat it. My weekend has consisted of arguing in Ikea and a Sunday dinner with Liam's weird uncles, so it could be worse ;)

  7. *I love your Sunday post. I spent most of my Saturday curled up in pain on the sofa. Fail.

  8. Love the hair bow, so cute:) xx

  9. My Saturday was equally entertaining- painting my nails, doing some work for my boyfriend (too nice of me I know) and lying on my bed with the cat... :/ Your hair box looks lovely though!xx

  10. Sundays are all about that...well, I spend most sundays at the gym, then catching up on blogs in my pjs. I need to get my eyes tested too - it's been about 10 years..
    I'm off to check out your video! I love your hair too, I love doing mine like that but can only do it when I straighten my hair. Doesn't want to work with curls! xx

  11. I love your hair bow!
    I spent my Sunday in bed and tidying my bedroom. Rock and roll!

  12. I go away a lot but when I'm home at weekend I'm not eating pretty food on heart plates I'm eating all the carbs and drinking tea in my fleecy pjs. Not glam at all xx

  13. Your hair looks amazing in the bow!

    My Sunday was spent watching football and then being sick...even less glam! x

  14. How rude of him to shove the mirror in your face after pointing out the difference! Ah well, it just makes you quirky hey :)
    I am not being a typical blogger at all today either, I'm on my settee wearing tracksuit bottoms (shock horror) and a baggy t-shirt just being plain lazy and loving it! xx

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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