Saturday, 24 August 2013

The sunlight hurts my eyes

river island skater dress blue cut out dress

Blue cut out skater dress: £20.00 Riverisland
Lace Shoeboots:  £21.99 soyoushoes at ebay

I've been eyeing this dress up for ages so when it went down to £20 I rubbed my mitts together with glee, River Island isn't really a shop I go into much but they've got some gorgeous dresses in at the moment. I'm loving this coral paisley dress too and it's next on my wishlist. The only thing with this blue number is it's really thick and stretchy and therefore kinda tight but then again I have put an extra comfort layer on recently so it's an excuse to get myself to the gym. I'm also excited to get my hair fully back to blonde as I reckon this bright blue will look nice with a heap of fake tan and light hair.

Speaking of hair has anyone ever had hair extensions? I've been looking up on different methods and I'm thinking of taking the plunge in a couple of months after my new york trip. I've found this person on facebook that lives near to me and pilfered this photo from her before and afters - whaddaya reckon?

 photo stezzies_zpscddee976.jpg

oh and on another hair related note I filmed my second ever hair tutorial over on my youtube channel and would be ever so happy if you had a look/lemme know what you think? I'm not very frequent with my videos but I've started to get into the whole talking to the camera thing a bit more recently and I'm open to suggestions : )



  1. I would love to have hair extensions, only ever had cheap clip ons! Great buy from river island love the colour! You should go for the extensions I say!! X

  2. Gorgeous outfit, the dress really would look great with blonde locks and a tan! :) Wow those hair extensions made such a difference to that ladys hair, its lovely!


  3. beautiful dress! x

  4. I am loving the dress and the hair extensions look fab! I've been thinking about getting some! xo
    Check out my Michael Kors Giveaway here!

    But, on another note, I love that dress. I can't notice any of that comfort layer (even though I've put on about six since I've been home from uni and have FREE FOOD), so don't worry too much! I've never had extensions myself, but if you reckon you'll feel better with them in, then it'll be 100% worth it :) xxx

  6. Lovely dress mate, love the blue! xx

  7. Ahh that colour looks so good on you! And a big thumbs up to the extensions, although I tend to prefer clip-ins. The whole hog is a bit too expensive for me as they don't last that long xx

  8. That is a gorgeous dress, I love the colour! i do like extensions when they're done well and yours look lovely!x

  9. I'd go for clip ins first! i used to have weaves (tracks) and they were SO annoying and took days to dry if I accidentally got it all wet. IF you do go permanent though microbonds / cold fusion are the best :)


  10. I can't see a comfort layer there at all, you look fab!
    Those hair extensions look great, they've made such a difference to her hair. x

  11. Pretty dress Mrs, that blue looks amazing on you. Excited for the extensions, hope they look super hawttt xx


  12. What a beautiful dress! The shade is so cheery and summery. You look great! xo


  13. wow, the colour of the dress looks so beautiful on you x

  14. This colour looks amazing on you!

    Maria xxx

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