Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Payday Wishlist

1. Love playsuit // 2. Pandora bracelet // 3. New Look heels // 4. Bumble & Bumble surf spray
5. Kerastase ciment anti-usure // 6. Lush sunnyside bubble bar // 7. Satsuma body butter
8. River Island skater dress

Usually I'll have my eye on products one month and clothing the next but it seems this month I just want everything, I'll need a credit card for this array of goodness! I can't believe my click happy fingers wondered onto both the Lush and Pandora sites, something I've always previously though of as overhyped tat but for some reason I want in on the action 3 years too late... Clothing wise I'm really liking the colours on both of these, I already have the playsuit in black (see below!) and it's so insanely comfortable for a night out and does a good job of hiding my upper arms which I have a hatred for! Hair wise I'm struggling to keep away from the curlers this month and reckon the surf spray might be a good alternative - it seems to be a bit of a marmite product though and the price makes me shudder a bit.
What are you lusting after this month?



  1. I am loving the skater dress! x

  2. The Satsuma Body Butter is so gorgeous, mm need to go sniff my tub! x

  3. What a fun list! Love the style and shade of the playsuit and the Body Shop's Satsuma scent is amazing, especially for summer! xo



  4. Surf spray is amazing! I was given a pr sample but buying it on payday myself! Love it!

  5. would love to try the surf spray, those lush bath melts are to die for, and that dress is oh so cute!

  6. Oh that playsuit would look amazing on you and your lovely legs!

  7. that playsuit would look lovely on you xx

  8. the love playsuits are always so pretty, great wishlist xo


  9. i'm like you, i usually vary from month to month on my wishlists but the last couple months i've just wanted a bit of everything! heads up that the body shop is having an amazing sale at the moment and all the body butters at half price - i got a couple for £5 a week or two ago! hope you manage to get your hands on some of these lovely picks xx

    Katie-Louise | foreverwaiting.co.uk 

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