Sunday, 23 June 2013

Spain: home from home

Despite my parents living out in Spain, I really don't get to visit them as often as I'd like as there always seems to be something stealing all my holiday days from work. But when I do get the chance to go I always have the most relaxing time and end up getting all sad when it's time to leave. I thought i'd split my little weeks holiday into two posts (we spent a few days in an apartment at the beach) with a sort of home type one and another with some "out and about" photos.
I do hope I don't look like a complete braggy aggy with this, to be fair it's my parents house and not mine so I've got nothing to brag about, it's just where I spent last week so I thought I'd share!

spain pool

I'd probably have been happy spending every day around the pool floating around on my lilo and looking like some sort of beached whale whenever I tried to get on or off it, on a clear day the views are amazing and we were graced with gorgeous weather for our visit.

 photo spainh2_zpsddf4f774.jpg
 photo spainh3_zpsc035f095.jpg

This little gazebo esque thing is great to escape to with a book when my skin felt like it was actually frying. I'd like to say I was reading something oh so philosophical whilst gazing into the mountains, in fact it was Lauren Conrad's fictional series...

 photo spainh4_zps8b0c84e8.jpg  photo spainh5_zps62fddef4.jpg

The summer house is such a cute little corner of the garden but it gets ridiculously oven like in there, so other than venturing down to squee over the stray cats and try and make friends with them (they were having none of it) I didn't spend much time down here. It's a favourite of my nanna's when she visits though - she hides down here with numerous cups o' tea.

 photo spainh6_zpsa5aae2a1.jpg

Shamefully the bar is where I spent a lot of my time getting over competitive with the family playing pool. I swear whenever I play there seems to be so many new rules made up and everyone has a different set. We eventually had to resort to google during a game of doubles to see who was right...

 photo spainh7_zpse2c66a0b.jpg

This is meant to be a homely esque post yet this is actually the only photo from inside the house. I used to stay in this room every time I visited and it's probably my favourite. However lack of aircon and sharing with Tom (i swear boys emulate heat) ruled it out this time. Sigh.

 photo spainh8_zps0edf61b3.jpg  photo spainh9_zps83a1ce77.jpg

I think the original plan was for them both to make one together but they ended up doing their own and obvs liking their own best. Which one do you prefer?

So there's a nose around the house o' mum and dad and where I stayed during my AWOL time from the blog. Despite coming back on Tuesday after being at work this week it feels like an age away and I want to be back there this instant. Instead I'm going to have a bath and apply some fake tan as all I got on the holiday was a load of fresh freckles!



  1. Your parents home is lovely! I hope you enjoyed your time away! xo

    The Clothes Maiden

  2. ah so lovely! I'm visiting Spain in 2 weeks for the first time (crazy right) and can't wait. I really want to see a bit of the south too x

  3. Oh wow your parents house is beautiful! I'd love to visit Spain at some point. Beautiful photos.

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  4. Aww what a beautiful trip! They have a wonderful place - do you see them over Christmas?Gotta be your mum's water feature for the win! xx

  5. Wow you're so lucky, looks like the perfect little escape

    - Tabitha at scaredtoast. com x

  6. Looks like you had an amazing and relaxing time there! Your parents house looks like a dream and I love the pool! I prefer your mom's water feature ahaha But they both are really cute though! xx

  7. the place looks amazing! and it seems like you had a wonderful time:-) x

  8. I am so jealous, I LOVE Spain! x

  9. Hope you had a lovely relaxing time away, I'm very jealous of that pool! Your mums water feature gets my vote, I think it definitely has the female touch to it.
    Poppy | far away

  10. Oh wow your parents house is amazing! x

  11. Lucky you having a second home in Spain! Enjoy :)
    Adela x

  12. This looks incredible, so jealous that you have been here :)
    I want a holiday home! <3

  13. This looks incredible, I am jealous of that sunshine!

    Maria xxx

  14. N'aww your 'rents place looks really amazing! Love that you have this to visit whenever you like, if only to escape Blighty and top up on your tan :) <3 Claire @ Jazzpad


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