Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Lusting after summer shoes

The other night whilst trying on loads of playsuits and dresses for a night out I had a bit of a strop, not only was I standing in a sea of crumpled clothes that were picking up cat hair by the second (this stresses me out immensely!) but I felt betrayed by my trusty blacks...
Because I don't go out often I always have one pair of trusty black heels that will be worn come rain or shine, and once I've worn them to death I just upgrade to another plain but safe pair. Anyway the sun had been a'shinin' that day and I just wasn't feeling black at all, so I huffed about not having enough colour in my life and donned the trusties that may have part of the heel coloured in a sharpie pen...
So that got me craving colour in my shoedrobe and thanks to bonbrix I found these beauts.

 photo bonprix_zps3d4f40de.jpg

Ok the brown wedges are hardly a kaleidoscope of brights but I liked them a lot and the wedge doesn't look too dangerous so I added them in. I just reckon all of these will be perfect for spring/summer, especially the blue block-heel sandals which look comfortable enough for holiday day wear and will also make my stumpy legs look longer.
Right, I'm off to slap on some tan so said stumpy legs will look better in heels!

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  1. I love a good cork shoe!

  2. Amazing picks! I've been loving blue for summertime :)


  3. Love the first ones, been looking for a pair like that for ages! Perfect for summer! xo

    Pretty Petticoats

  4. Great picks, I quite like them all x

  5. love the bottom middle ones :) X

  6. i need more colourful shoes too! and just thought i'd let you know that i baked those chocolate marshmallow muffins with my flatmate today:-) so glad you posted the recipe, because they were so good! xx

  7. I love these shoes and your blog! Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin, let me know on my blog,
    Becca x


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