Thursday, 20 June 2013

It's a Holi-Holiday

 photo denimshirt_zps8cd2a895.jpg

Playsuit: c/o Ax Paris
Bag: Primark
Sandals: ebay (similar here)
Denim Shirt: Theived from Thomas but from originally from Hollister 

Ha. Pale legs and holiday hair, oh how I wish I would tan! Apols for my absence, I've been sipping cocktails in Spain for the past week and I had a tres amazing time. So amazing in fact that my blog sort of got sidetracked as did my previous attempts to get fit - I think I ate my weight in pastries.... I'm now debating whether to pull myself off the sofa and hot foot it to the gym or just put on some jim jams and settle down for the night.
Anyways this is just a quickie to confirm I'm still lurking around these here internets and as of today I'm back on the blogging wagon, I've got a tonne of Spain snaps to bore you with!
Right. I've decided. Gym time.



  1. Yeah, some people really get a
    fast tan while some people like
    me seems to stay pale foreverrr...
    Anyway, glad you are having a
    great holiday time! You look
    lovely c: Xx

  2. oooh can't wait to snoop on your Spain snaps. Love this playsuit xx

  3. this is my sort of holiday outfit :) glad you had a grand time in Spain, looking forward to seeing the snaps x

  4. I'm impressed you made it to the gym, I think the call of the jammies would have been too loud for me... I'm such a lazy shit it hurts x

  5. I don't ever tan either! I have resigned myself to a life of being paler than the moon :)
    Hope you had a lovely time in Spain!
    emmerliejay x

  6. CUUTEE playsuit

    Kerry x

  7. Love the way you have paired the shirt over your playsuit, looks effortless! x

  8. Cute jumpsuit - always love a denim addition!

  9. Hello Eloise,

    I'm also taking the freedom of leaving you this comment because I'm currently working on a fashion-related dissertation for my MSc. I'm doing a survey about the perception of young women towards today's fashion luxury brands, and if you, or any of your lovely reader, could take 5 mins and complete it, it would be of much much help :)
    Here the link of my survey:
    Thank you very much!

    Lou ♥

    Ps:Love the high bun, that looks very cute on you!

  10. I love this outfit, I have never tried a jumpsuit before, but yours looks amazing.



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