Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Tampin' Fumin' Ragin'

floral playsuit summer playsuit

Playsuit: c/o Max C London
Cardigan: Primark
Tights: Pretty Polly from River Island (no longer available but they're on ebay here)
Chelsea Boots: c/o Soyoushoes

Despite the mardy bum face in these photos I'm not actually tampin, fumin or even the slightest bit raging, I've just caught up on The Valleys and I quite like this phrase. I don't like Natalie though, she frightens me.
I've also been to the gym tonight for the first time in years, it was only an induction and I didn't really do a lot but I can already feel my shoulders aching. It was a pretty shameful experience though, the over enthusiastic about fitness guy was like "so what do you do normally do to exercise?" and I probably shouldn't have been as honest with my "err I walk from my car to the sofa and/or my desk at work." It was also full of teenage LADS which only confirms my decision to go late at night so I can skulk on the treadmill on my todd without having to fight through a sea of vests boasting pale and skinny arms.

And on another cringe-esque note, how awful yet wonderful is the apprentice? I'm watching it as I type and the first episode is always the worst on the fist biting scale, they're all way too desperate to get airtime and please Alan. I don't know any of the names yet but there's already some Baggs types coming through and I know I'm going to become addicted.



  1. I love your playsuit!
    its so pretty :).

    I loved the apprentice!!

    Kelly ||

  2. Lovely playsuit. Can't go wrong with floral!


  3. Loving the tights! And the dress is so beautiful,great look.xx

  4. Well jel of your figure... doesn't look like you need to worry about going to the gym xxx

  5. haha love that phrase on the valleys, I agree, Natalie scares me too, she's definitely crazy!
    gorgeous outfit as well btw :D xx

  6. The vibrant floral print is gorgeous and the tights are super cute! Perfect playful outfit for Spring :)


  7. Beautiful outfit!
    Totally in love with The Valleys and I know what you mean about Natalie, OMG she is so annoying urgh, but Jenna is my fave :)

  8. The other day my gym was full of LADS who were trying to make as much noise as possible on the weights bench. It was really fucking annoying tbh, I could hardly concentrate on the book I was reading on the cross trainer with all the grunting and cheering going on.
    Love this playsuit.

  9. lovely outfit. :)

  10. haha I have yet to watch the Valleys- frankly the ads for it have scared me off!xx

  11. I love this look, this floral romper is perfect, and that sweater is such a great colour!!

  12. The Valleys is so bad it's good! I can't take my eyes off it! Haha.. love your outfit here, tights are fab! xx

  13. Super cute playsuit, love it! I've actually never been to the gym in my life, so you're doing better than me haha! x

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