Thursday, 23 May 2013

How to dress for the races

To be perfectly honest I'm not exactly a sporty person, I don't think I've played in a team sport since my school PE days which was, well, a long time ago.
Despite this the style and crazy hats that make an appearance during Ladies Day have always fascinated me (hmm perhaps a wrong choice of words, fascinators aren't allowed anymore!) and as much as I love pawing through the best dressed photos that make the papers and magazines every year, I know that if I was to ever attend something like this I would be stressing for months over what to wear. Ladies Day this year takes place on 20th June so for anyone who's attending and worrying about their outfit then keep reading!

According to the Royal Ascot website there are 8 rules to follow when dressing for the occasion. I've re worded them, I don't think they'd say ya belly.

1. The shortest dress you can wear is just above the knee
2.  Dress or top straps should be at least one inch thick.
3. Even if you wear a jacket, the strap rule still applies
4. You can wear a trouser suit but it must match
5. Hats should be worn, or a headpiece that has a base of at least 4 inches
6. Strapless, of the shoulder or halternecks are not allowed.
7. No showing ya belly.

With this in mind I've fished out some nice dresses available on the high street that'll be Ascot appropriate and some inspiration from last year's best dressed.

ladies day dresses

Which are your favourites?

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  1. The fitted Zara dress is my favourite! But lovely selection of dresses! xo

  2. Oh my gosh those rules are pretty crazy, espesh the strap thickness one! I love the Warehouse dress :)
    Love Holly x

  3. these rules are so complicated, had no idea! love the topshop one!

  4. I love the Oasis and Warehouse ones!

  5. I live in a city famous for a horse race and it's a big thing every year... what I want to say is that I love to see what the ladies wear to watch the race, they're always so classy!

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    1. EDITED comment:

      Fascinators are banned from the Royal Enclosure, but are still allowed in the Grandstand. There is no formal dress code in the Silver ring and Health Enclosure, but people are advised to dress smartly :). Attended Ladies Day a few years ago, and it's a great day out; expensive, but that's to be expected :)

  7. oh dear, such a lovely dresses! o love every single one! such classy and girly ones :)

  8. Love this, and all the dresses, especially both the Zara ones!

    Anna xx

  9. i love the pinky zara dress, it's stunning! xxx


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