Saturday, 20 April 2013

Moroccanoil I Love You: Review

moroccanoil moroccanoil
The cheapest I can now find the 100ml bottle is £30.45 at Feelunique

I was one of those people who heard all the ravings and good things about Moroccanoil but stayed away because of the high price tag. Although as Jessie J says it isn't always about the money money money, sometimes you do need to treat yourself. Ok she didn't say that last bit, that was my subconscious.
Anyway it was Kayleigh's recommendation that finally pushed me into handing over my card digits to Lookfantastic about a month ago as I will be forever jealous of her hair. It was on offer at the time (125ml for the price of 100) and I found a 15% discount voucher so got it for £25 which I didn't think was too bad as I'd heard that it lasts forever.
I've been using Moroccanoil for over a month now and I can't imagine ever not using it. The website claims it nourishes, conditions, and brings to shine to your barnet and it has certainly delivered all three to my heat and bleach frazzled locks. I'm not sure about the smaller bottles but the larger sizes come with a pump so you have more control over how much you use, with this being an oil you definitely need to use sparingly as too much could result in a greasy looking "do". I tend to run it through my hair (starting mid length) before blowdrying which helps prevent frizz and definitely leaves you with a more manageable mane, then once my hair is dry I'll add more to the ends before topknotting or after straightening.
Another pro of Moroccanoil is the smell, I have a sensitive schnoz and tend to be put off products due to an overpowering scent but this just smells...well...gorgeous. It reminds me of holidays and I don't know why but I like it. So here's to the miraculous hair oil - may we have a long and prosperous relationship.



  1. I agree about the part of treating
    yourself once in awhile :P Moroccan oil
    is very good for your hair and skin!


  2. Yay! So glad you're loving this. There has been so much hype about it over the past few years, but amazingly I haven't given it a go yet. You're making it sound like just the thing my dry hair needs! Thanks for the review :)


  3. SO much love for moroccan oil, I had a smaller bottle (which didn't come with a pump) and whenI finished decided not to immediately repurchase as it is pricey and I had some cheaper hair oils to use up. Within about 2 weeks I was pretty much crying over the state of my locks so i caved and bought a big bottle. Never letting it leave my life again!
    Poppy | far away

  4. this mustbe amazing for that price, i'd like to try it soon! xxx

  5. I'm really tempted to check it out, but I'm stick put off by putting oils onto my hair!

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  6. I've heard so much about this product, it sounds great! I'm getting more and more tempted to purchase!


  7. I'd really love to try this but I think I'll have to save up for it or get it for a birthday treat! It sounds lovely though. x

    Curls and Swirls

  8. i've wanted to try this for ages, but i think it'll definitely have to go on the wishlist! x

  9. Oh my gosh I love my Moroccan oil so much too!

  10. I had a bottle and loved it but didn't want to part with the money again but might splash out on payday. It really is fab x


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