Monday, 29 April 2013

Becoming one of those people

disco pants

Blouse: c/o Fashion Union
Disco Pants: American Apparel at Asos
Converse Brogues: Office but now £30 at Amazon
Bag: c/o Marc B

Yeah so I haven't rushed to Elveden to take these photos, they're actually a week old- I fail as a blogger. I've not a lot to say really! The Monday woes have crept in and I'm now sat on the sofa craving cake whilst Tom plays cod. I really do need a Harry Potter port key to take me to the Sainsburys bakery aisle whenever I please, to think that I could now be sat surrounded by choux buns is the stuff of dreams.
My love for cake has also persuaded me to join a gym - come payday tomorrow and I'll have become one of those folk who excercise. It's honestly something foreign to me so walking into a gym is going to be so daunting, I don't even know what to wear! Help me gym folk, to short or to trouser? Also if anyone can recommend any good classes I'm all ears.
And on a final note, my 1600 giveaway has officially ended and the winner is...(drumrolls)...Sophie!



  1. That blouse is so cute x

  2. Loving the blouse, you look
    nice c: Congratz to the winner!


  3. Lovely blouse so cute!


  4. I love collars on you, you look so cute :)

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  5. Loving the detail on the collar- so pretty! Enjoy the gym :)


  6. I love the top!

    Um, I usually wear trousers to the gym, mainly because I do not want to get my legs out. If I liked my legs I would defo wear shorts though!

    Corinne x

  7. You look gorgeous!

    Fave gym classes are spin, body pump and Metafit - half hour class with amazing results!

    As for gym clothing I go for 3/4 length fitted gym leggings - not brave / thin / or tanned enough for shorts and you're not allowed long trousers on a spinning bike so thats my compromise!


  8. I wish there was a gym near me, I have had far too much cake recently :( Love your shoes here, they are fab!

    Maria xxx

  9. That blouse is lovely, the collar is gorgeous! x

  10. I go to the gym (and yes, I'm one of those people who actually enjoy it!) and tend to wear cropped gym trousers/leggings and a vest top. Class wise, I can recommend LBT [legs, bums and tums] and body combat (quite an intense cardio class involving mixed martial arts, but trust me, it's awesome). Good luck, you'll be fine though I'm sure!
    Pretty blouse too :) xx

  11. i'm a bit of a gym freak lately, i can't seem to get enough of it. i do spinning classes as many times a week as is humanly possible, for which i wear gym trousers and a band tee or something, usually. i have got a pair of cycling shorts, which i've not been brave enough to wear yet, but when it gets warmer, maybe..

  12. Wow! You looks amazing! I have the same mirrored furniture on my balcony :) awesome post!

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