Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Bank Fashion

bank fashion

The nearest Bank Fashion store to me is Milton Keynes which to be honest is somewhere I don't really like to shop purely because driving there is a mission in itself, it's full of company car drivers trying to push you off the road.
Moving on before I get into a rant about how the roundabouts aren't clearly marked, I always forget that Bank have a website which I can peruse in my own time without the hustle and bustle of city shoppers knocking me with their bags. I've had a browse today and the choices above are all now sat firmly on my summer wish list, as I said in my previous post dresses have come back into my life so it was only fair that they take up three places in my top six. I'm particularly fond of this tie dye number as not only are my upper arms a sore point in the wobble stakes they're also literally a sore point once the sun gets at my fair skin so the sleeves will hide sins as well as protecting me from the evil rays, a win win!

Have you seen anything you like on the Bank website? What do you think of my choices?



  1. Love the palm print trousers, I really want to try some of those style. I'm a slave to the skinny jean so it's a bit out of my comfort zone but they always look so cool!


  2. Your style pics are really good. I love the look of the last dress, it looks awesome! x

  3. Oh I do love some printed trousers!

  4. I've never actually been into Bank but I get staff discount there (25%! Woo!) so I keep meaning to go in and look. I really love the denim skirt! x

  5. Oh I haven't shopped in Bank for about 8 years, I bought (well, mum bought it me for Xmas) a coat from there after seeing it in the window on my way to college each day. I found that coat the other day and was like "ohhh Bank" but I still haven't been back in.


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