Sunday, 17 March 2013

Tell me what you know about dreams

american apparel disco pants

Peplum top: Glamorous, sold out but similar for £9.00 here
Disco Pants: American Apparel
Shoes: Primark

I've been wanting to "get into shape" for the summer and I think these photos are going to be the ones that make me do it. I know I'm not overweight but I just think I look a little wobbly here and my mission to become a Toned Toni starts now. Or at least tomorrow after I've finished these skittles...
Oh and 'scuse the white rubbish all over the floor, the plasterer (using the term loosely) that bodged our ceiling left a bit of a mess, silly chap!
Hope everyone has had a good weekend? Me and Thomas spent yesterday afternoon perusing the shops before embarking on the hellish task that is....flat pack furniture. There's not much more I despise than the instructions that come with flat pack furniture, I'm just not a practical person and those little diagrams all look the same to me. Never the less after a lot of expletives and cups of tea the new wardrobe was finally constructed and I now have a little pine box for some of my wears.

malibu wardrobe

It's a bit of an eyesore but my dresses are no longer being used as blankets for my cat under the bed so I'm happy. 
So throw in an episode of Geordie Shore and that's my weekend! And SOZ to harp on but if you could  be so kind as to click here and vote for me in the company blog awards I'd be one happy, albeit slightly sickened by skittles, girl. Oh and if you like my title song as much as I do then we would be great buds.



  1. I need to start upping my fitness too! I'm still going to the gym, but I do need to try a bit harder, especially with my holiday coming up. To me, you look great, but good luck with it :) I'll start again tomorrow, after a fat dominos tonight.
    I hate flat pack furniture. Those diagrams are never helpful, who makes these manuals?!

  2. chic outfit! and good luck with the goal.


  3. I think you look fantastic in these photos! But we all know our bodies best and if theres areas for improvment to up our mood thats good. I love those leggings, I think I need some!
    And having an organized closet is soo awesome

  4. Love the disco pants - how much are they?!


  5. I don't think you look wobbly at all! I can't talk tho I'm a bit of a gym junkie at the mo - I'm so motivated, I hope it lasts haha! Blogilates on youtube is such a great trainer I totes recommend her!

    Also looove the outfit, you look hot dayummm x

  6. I love the outfit. Search toneitup on youtube, their work outs are great x

  7. Love the disco pants, always wanted an AA pair, I'm just settling for my Glamorous ones at the moment! I need to start losing weight for summer :( x

  8. loving ur outfit :) u look great!
    happy st patricks day x

  9. I love your outfit and in no way do you need to get it shape, you look amazing! Skittles are the best lol

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  10. You look great, but I'm in the same boat, I've been trying to tone!! Skittles in moderation!! | nyc style blog

  11. Love, those pants look so so so cute!!

  12. You look lovely you crazy lady, youre a toned toni already!

    Im not looking forward to the hell that is putting together furniture when we move soon! I think I'll let tom handle that bit!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  13. Love the cute collar!

    I've just posted a new feature on my blog, I've love for you to check it out! Today I'm chatting about a great new wishlist website!

    Laura xx - Black & Gold

  14. you look amazing and so gorgeous <3

  15. I think you look lovely, I could never pull off disco pants!

    Maria xxx

  16. I did day 1 of the 30 Day Shred tonight - dying! My end goal is to look like you do in these pictures :L:L:L


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