Saturday, 23 February 2013

Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser Review

avene cleanser skincare cleanser

Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser £8.00

Everytime I've tried a different cleanser (which to be fair isn't that often as I'm useless at keeping up a skincare routine) I end up kicking myself, my skin is hyper sensitive and pretty much anything I whack on it leaves me blotchy, itchy, and dry. I was talking to a girl at work who used to be a skincare consultant about my skin woes and she recommended Avene, I'd heard of the brand before but hadn't really looked into it and definitely didn't realise it was aimed at those sensitive skinned Susans like me.
I bought the Extremely Gentle Cleanser about 4 weeks ago and have been using it daily since, it has minimal ingredients to prevent reactions but still does a good job of removing the daily grub of life off your face, and the lack of fragrance/oil makes it the perfect cleanser for me.

The only thing that isn't 100% is it's ability to get eyemakeup off, although I'm willing to sacrifice this for a less harsh product. With this particular cleanser all you have to do is massage it in, wipe off with a cotton pad and you're good to go -no faffing around with water,cloths etc.

Overall I'm really pleased with this product, it makes my skin feel soft without any irritation and I think I've found a chum in Avene.



  1. I really like the look of Avene, they keep popping up!

    Today I'm reviewing the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold xxxx

  2. I have always found Avene products very reliable! I love their skin recovery cream! x

  3. I always go into Boots intending to pick this up but then talk myself out of it. The non-rinse formula just beckons to me. I'm lazy in the mornings, and there's nothing I hate more than wet hair from washing my face.

    - Tabitha at x

  4. I've never tried anything from Avene but it seems like a very nice brand. This seems like a nice cleanser. xx

  5. I love Avene products, they are so nice and gentle. Great review
    Carissa xx
    Vanilla Crush Blog

  6. I'm in love with Avene products at the moment. I've been using their Cleanance Gel Soapless Cleanser for quite a while, which does a fantastic job at cleaning and removing any last traces of make up without drying out skin, and I'm also loving the Eluage range too.

    I gave the Extremely Gentle Cleanser a go last year as well, and did really like it. I went back to make up remover wipes when I finished my bottle, but am tempted to pick up another. It is really nice stuff!


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